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With a little love and care, your Pearl can remain beautiful for many years to come.
Please read the following suggestions for taking care of your Pearls:

- Very dry conditions can damage pearls so please avoid these environments

- Please put on cosmetics or perfumes and allow them to dry before wearing your pearl jewellery as these products can damage the surface lustre of the pearl

- After wearing your pearls, wipe with a soft damp cloth to clean any traces of cosmetics

- Due to a pearl's low hardness, please avoid storing them with other gemstones as they may scratch the surface of the pearl. As such do not wear pearl jewellery during heavy work and ensure they are kept away from contact with hard surfaces

- With pearl strands, please have your jeweller restring your pearls occasionally, especially if you wear them often. Make sure they are knotted individually so that you do not lose all your pearls should the strand break.

- For all jewellery set with gemstones it is always advisable to remove your jewellery before showering, swimming or washing your hands Go back