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Pearls are organic gemstones, however due to pollution the supply of natural pearls has critically depleted. Due to the high demand for pearls "cultured pearls amount to 90 percent of the total pearl trade" (Schumann, 2006, p.259).

Freshwater pearls are formed inside freshwater molluscs which live in lakes, rivers, ponds and other bodies of fresh water. Freshwater pearls come in a variety of colours from white, cream, pink and black.

Reverie houses saltwater pearls including the Australian South Sea and Tahitian Pearls.

South Sea Pearls
Reverie South Sea pearls are sourced from the coastal waters surrounding Australia. The colour of the pearl varies from white to silver-white or champagne to rich gold. South Sea pearls are the most expensive pearls because they are rarer, have a unique colour, exquisite lustre and are usually larger in size.

Tahitian Pearls
Tahitian Pearls or Black Sea Pearls are the best quality dark coloured pearls. They come in an extraordinary range of colours including deep black, grey, peacock and aubergine. Tahitian Pearls are sourced from the islands of the French Polynesia.

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