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Opals are one of the softer gemstones but with proper care, can last a lifetime.
To ensure the life of your Opal please take care of it with our helpful suggestions:

- If there is a chance your opal jewellery may be scratched for example, during housework or gardening, please remove your opal jewellery

- Opals contain about 5-6% of water and may crack if exposed to very dry conditions or a dramatic change in temperature so please store them safely and try to avoid wearing your Opals in these environments

- Solid opals are fine in water but for doublets or triplets, as they are layered opals, avoid prolonged exposure to water including showering or swimming as this can damage the stone

- When storing your opal just place it in a pouch or padded box. When stored for long periods of time, store your opal in a sealed plastic bag near dampened cotton wool to prevent the stone from losing water under dry conditions

- For Inlay settings, please avoid exposure to water such as washing hands, swimming or showering as it is not good for the setting

- Please put on any perfumes or lotions and wait for it to dry before wearing your opal jewellery
- As opals are a softer gemstone, please store separately from your other gemstone jewellery especially diamonds

- If your opal is set with a claw setting please have the claws of the jewellery checked once a year to ensure that none of the claws have loosened due to everyday wear

- For all jewellery set with gemstones it is always advisable to remove your jewellery before showering, swimming or washing your hands Go back