Find your ring size by enquiring at your local jeweller or visiting us in store. You can also find your own ring size from our helpful
      suggestion below:
      Ring Sizing Chart (click here to view the size chart)
      Find your Australian ring size if you already know your size in American, Asian/Japanese or European ring size.
      With any of our sterling silver collection, any jeweller, from any country should be able to resize the ring. Resizing a ring will incur a small
      fee. If you have any concerns regarding ring sizes, please contact us.
      Helpful Suggestions
      * It's best to measure your size when you are warm - this is because most people's fingers tend to swell a little bit during
       warmer temperatures. This way you know that in warmer weather like the summertime, that your ring will still be a comfortable fit.

      * If purchasing as a gift the standard size for ring sizes is size "N" if she has slim fingers maybe opt for Size "L". If she
      has her ring sized measured we would be happy to resize the ring for a small fee. Alternatively, most jewellers should
      be able to size the ring too. Please contact us if you require any help with resizing at:

      * Allow 1-2 days extra for resizing on top of the waiting time for internet orders