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In 2008 we are delighted to present the following collections to you, for the younger or the more sophisticated taste, Reverie has something exceptional for everyone.

Our Belle Antique Collection captures the spirit of a woman who is youthful and admired. With classic settings complimented by diamond designs and handcrafted crystals, the Belle range brings elegance and charm. Each design has its own uniqueness which is further accentuated in the few pieces we have created for each design. They are crafted in Sterling Silver and plated with 18ct White Gold with brilliant crystals. Each piece has been meticulously hand crafted by an expert jeweller and should be worn by one who has a young heart and appreciates the elegance of the past.

The Nenuphar Collection was specially designed for the more sophisticated woman. She is one who desires quality, appreciates the simplicity of nature as one would appreciate the great water lilies of Europe, in which its design was inspired. The luster of each pearl almost a reflection in a ponds surface, with the gracefulness of the round pearl. Diamonds frame each exquisite Tahitian Pearl, in the best quality Italian 14ct or 18ct Gold settings.